Croquet Hoops


Hoops, what can you say about hoops you ask?...Well they can range in price from $20 to $700 per set, so perhaps we should examine this item. The old wire hoops that we all used with our old fashioned croquet set are not for sale here, This is where a handful of clothes hangers comes in handy...and the price goes way down. 

The top-priced hoop - if you need to ask about them, you probably don't need them. These are a real specialty item, they are worth what you pay for them, and Wayne Rodoni will happily make a set for you. I'll give you his phone number if you are in the market. 

Now we come to "Winter Hoops" (Wickets, if you must) which I do make. Ours are powder coated, 1/2 inch rolled steel rod and weigh in at about 2 pounds each. They stand 12 inches out of the ground with 6 inches buried. We recommend using a rubber mallet and a brother-in-law to set these hoops. 

And then there are the 1/4 inch galvanized hoop for adults of all ages. These are shaped just like our "Winter Hoops" but are less challenging, and that can be good.